Hooking up shift light?


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Oct 10, 2002
Dayton, Ohio
I bought a shift light the other day to try and make my shifts at the track more consistent and was wanting to confirm the correct hookup. I know where the ground goes and the red to power but does the green go to the negative side of the coil? And if so what is the best way to hook or splice it into the existing connection?
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If you're crafty, you can take some wire strips and 'gently' strip a little gap right into the middle of a wire, without cutting anything apart. There's also some clamp style wire taps you can buy for pretty cheap.
the coil itself should be marked with a '+', and '-'. Just tap into the wire around that area.

If you have an msd ignition (which I didn't read in your signature) than you have to hook it up to the MSD's tach output.