How About some Export Taillights?????

Hey Guys,

My wife just purchased a fully loaded Vista Blue 06 pony package convertible to go with her 66 hardtop. What a GREAT car! She loves it and has driven the wheels off of it during the past two weeks she has owned it. My question is about the taillights. I have a 94 Cobra Clone with the 96-98 Export taillights on it. They have the small amber turn signal sections in the bottom like the 99-01 Cobra Taillights. Has Ford manufactured anything like this for the 05 up cars??? I would love to have them on my wife's car, and if I decide to sell mine and get a newer one, I would absolutely have to have them on mine. The ones that I have now came from Japan. I believe that cars going to Australia have to have the amber turn signals...right? If anyone knows please let me know. I would like to go ahead and locate some if they even exist. And, yes, I will post some pics this weekend. THanks for your help!

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Playing with my wife's really makes me want one.
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May 23, 2004
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The S197's in Australia have the entire outer light amber. I don't care much for it. What you could do is have a piece of transparent amber vinyl cut to go over with clear section.