how big of a shot can i use...?

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if it's the 5115 kit, its made to produce 75 HP, stage two is 150. The engineers that designed this kit made it for the forementioned shots, stick with it. you can get away with changine jets for more of a hit, but that is when you play with fire, and if that is your intentions, do your homework, and spend the money to make the neccesary upgrades associated with upping the shot. nitrous is fun stuff, stick with the manufactures instructions, and have fun. good luck
By hurting you mean???
I used the same kit as Hef and shot a 100 with no problems. I was addicted to the bottle and was using 30#'s a week in the Summer I had it in. I sprayed everywhere and everything all day!!!
I ran that kit for years and run a 150 shot all the time on a stock bottom end with no problems. I used a 190lph fuel pump with 24# injectors and about 10deg of timing on 93 octane gas and never had any detonation or backfires.