How do I get my p/s bracket off?

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You will need to rent or buy a PS steering puller. The PS pulley has a ridge that the puller seats on. Then you crank the screw on the middle of the puller to get the pulley off the shaft.


You can rent the tool at Autozone or or auto parts stores.

I have used a bearing separator & harmonic balancer puller together to do the job.

Use this tool to put it back on...


I usually just use the bolt that comes with the new PS pump.
kinda the same area.......can i use a 5.0 power steering pump on my 4 cylinder stang rack?i am swapping my car out to a carbed 302. i am keeping the power steering and i have a got a v-8 pump and bracket to just get the bracket, but if i can just use the v-8 pump with my rack then i wont need to get the puller.... so does anyone know if it will interchange? i dont want it to temporarely lock up or anything...i heard it might...