How hard is it to install cal tracs?


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Jun 24, 2004
Frankfort, Ky
I read on there sight that the front eyes have to be pressed out and the new aluminum bushing has to be pressed back in. Is this something I can do or will a shop have to do this? If its something I can do can I do it in a day?
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The whole job can be done easily in an afternoon--I believe the CalTrac web site has the directions posted and they are also included with the bars.

The hardest part may be in dropping out your old leaf springs. Often the front attaching bolt is rusted inside the bushing. This can make for a long day in trying to remove it. Some people use a saws-all to cut through the bolt or they grind the spring eye if they the springs are also being replaced. I don't remember it the CalTracs came with a new bolt (I did several projects that day.) New ones are available from hardware stores and Mustang shops.

I had access to an arbor press at work to remove the front bushing. The bushings came out very easily from my new leaf springs. Older springs might be more of a problem due to rust. The new aluminum bushings pressed in very easy.

Any machine shop and many places in the mechanical trades will have a suitable press. It is literally a 5 minute, no nonsense, job to R&R.

Good Luck!!!
If you find the rubber bushing doesnt push out with the equipt you have you can use a propane torch and burn them out... do it outside... at night..LOL Its smokey.
drive out the inner steel bushing first with a hammer and punch/chisel combo. Then attack the rubber with a hammer. If the hammer doesn't work, take a 1/2" drill bit and start drilling a bunch of holes in the rubber. It'll come on out after that. The new aluminum bushing goes right in, its tight fit, but it taps right in with a hammer. Be warned, the aluminum bushing transmits a good bit of noise to the inside of the car. If you have a locker, you'll be feeling and hearing it engage more so than before. Other than that, you'll love the Cal Tracs, they work great.
To get that rubber bushing out, just heat the leaf up around it with a torch...then pound it out with a hammer. It comes right out. Mine did...and they were about as old as yours. You dont need anything pressed in or out.