How hard was it for you to put your crank pulley back on


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Nov 30, 2003
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Dunno, I wasn't expecting my underdrive crank pulley (from steeda) to "slide" right on, but this is getting absurd. I'm applying over 120 ft/lbs of torque (maxing out my torque wrench gauge) with my arms, got the torque converter held in place, and it doesnt seem like that god damn pulley is any closer to the engine. I'm terrified to bust this bolt in the crank, so I dont want to use my impact gun just yet. I want to find out first, how hard was it to slide your crank pulley onto the crankshaft. I'm pretty sure the keyway slot is lined up, but there's got to be some problem, I mean, my pulley isnt even BARELY sliding on.

Whats the deal with boiling it in water??? 'the hell? does that even work?
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steeda's package came with two bolts. one looked like the stock crank bolt, and the other is longer, which ive been (trying) to pull the crank pulley on with. I'm getting really pissed. This bullsht has gone on for too god damn long. This is the 6th day my stang is out of comission since I got these pullies. I ended up having to buy an aircompressor, and an impact wrench (acessories too) to get this far, and dammit, I'm not giving up now.
hmm. Make sure u didnt crack inside of the crank case. I know that when installing a timing ajuster with them you can somehow screw it all up...but i dunno. Mine was pretty straight forward. Its late, go to bed, give it a try tomorrow.
Putting the pulley in some hot water for a little while does help. It makes the metal expand and lets it slide on easier. Try it first. Then if you have enough of the bolt in the crank I would go ahead and use the impact gun to pull it the rest of the way down. Also, if I'm not mistaken you use the long bolt just to get the pulley pulled down into place, then you use the shorter one to actually bolt it down for good.

By the way do you only work on your car at night?
You use the longer bolt just to get the pulley started. As soon as you can catch the threads on the shorter bolt, use that the rest of the way. You can damage the crank if you go to far with the longer bolt.
Not to depress you, but mine went on in like 30 minutes.Check the alignment and make sure that you are'nt cross-threading it.Maybe take it back off and go over the parts you are sliding against each other with a light grit sandpaper. :shrug:
YES -- Boil the pulley! It will make a difference, I swear. Mine just slid on with a few taps when it was hot. I've even heard of people putting it in the oven for a bit for a bit of extra heat/expansion. You will (of course) need to put it back on with oven mitts. If anyone laughs at you with your oven mitts, tell them they they're not getting any cookies.

Good luck!
Defleshed said:
steeda's package came with two bolts. one looked like the stock crank bolt, and the other is longer, which ive been (trying) to pull the crank pulley on with.

Are you kidding me? Did you read the instructions? Once the pulley is on enough for the shorter bolt, pull the long bolt out and use the shorter bolt to tighten it on. Otherwise, the long bolt will bottom out before the pulley is all the way on. <--All of this is in the instructions.

Again...use the longer bolt to start the pulley on. Then, use the shorter bolt to tighten it down.
I bought mine used so I didn't have the longer bolt. I held the crank pulley in place while a friend of mine LIGHTLY tapped the pulley. When we were able to get the bolt in with about 3 full turns, we felt it was safe to go ahead and tighten it from there and it worked fine. Whatever you do, don't start cranking on it with only a few threads catching or you'll strip out the hole in the crank. Then you'll really be f'ed.