New Member
Dec 17, 2019
For those who’ve installed Steeda Underdrive Pullies for 96-04 Mustang GT 4.6 2V using ONLY the water pump and crank pulley supplied, did you need a shorter belt? Or does the belt tensioner take the slack out? I’m currently running stock size belt and I sold the Steeda alternator pulley because I have a sound system and I drive in winter with extremely short commutes so that pulley wasn’t exactly ideal for my situation. Anyone else ever did this specific install with ONLY using the water pump and crank pulley by Steeda?

I know I know, these small mods “aren’t worth it” but I got them brand new for $100 so that was a no brainer.

I honestly just hope there isn’t any issues with my awkward setup but a lot of research tells me that many people have done this before. Hard to get good advice when everyone only cares about 351 or coyote swapping their stangs.
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