How much do you think I should list my '65 A Code for?


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Apr 6, 2006
How much do you think I should list my '65 A Code for? UPDATE SOLD!!

Shiny New Pics of the '65 Stang

So I think with the new baby and the move probably coming I'm going to sell my stang.... probably hit Ebay.

What you think I should list it for as a reserve? I was thinking 10k.

Here's what's what:

This is an 1965 Mustang A Code original survivor. It has a the original 289 and 4 barrel carb. All numbers match!! The car is Vintage Burgundy exterior and white interior. I have the original window sticker and owners manual which shows the original owner purchasing the vehicle from Milton Freewater, Oregon.

The engine was rebuilt around 1000 miles ago and I've got the receipts to show the work.

I am the second owner of this vehicle. I purchased it back in March of 2006 with the intent of painting it a newer blue and doing a two-tone blue/white pony interior, but I just can't bring myself to change anything in this vehicle because it's so original. It's pretty hard to find a classic mustang that over the years hasn't been ripped apart by some kid. I did however put a Pertronix FlameThrower II coil and a PerTronix Ignitor II breakerless ignition in the vehicle; though I still have the Points I took out.

The vehicle is virtually rust free. When I got it there was some surface rust in the trunk wells, but I Por15'd that this summer. It has been garaged the entire time I've owned it, as it's one of my Hagarty classic car insurance.

The vehicle runs great and the license is current. I'm looking to sell this classic to someone who will keep it original as it believes it would be a heartbreaker to change anything. I'm hoping to sell it so I can buy something that I can "fix up" with my son over the years.

Here's the work that was done to the vehicle per two receipts from 1997 when the car had 139,550 miles on it. The car has only had about 1000 miles put in it since then.

Rebuilt Engine
Radiator Flushed
Starter Rebuilt
Rebuilt Alternator
Rebuilt Carborator
Transmission Filter + Oil Changed

Parts replaced at the same time:

Alt. + Power Steering Belts
Upper and Lower Rad. Hoses
Fuel Filter
Thermostat + gasket
Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Wires
Heater Hose
Carb. Kit
Water Pump
Trans Filter/Oil
Battery Ground Cable
New carpet
Floor Mats
Airl cleaner decal
Console light lens
Instrument housing
By pas Hose
Front Trans seal
Rear Trans seal
Rear Wheel Bearing
Rear Wheel seals
Front wheel seals
Master Cyl kit
Positive Battery Cable
Pinion Seal
Rear Wheel Cyl. kits
Starter Solenoid

It also looks like they got some work done on the vehicle in '02:

Rear Brakes Axel Seal
FT Brg Seal
Rear Shoes
Real Wheel Cyls
Right Axle Seal
R&RI Trans
Repaired Horn
Carb Parts Power Valve & ACC Pump
I also put in a new battery since I've owned it.

The interior is very intact and the interior floor lights even still work! (which I haven't seen on an old mustang). Which is why I can't bring myself to rip it all out and put in a different color pony interior like I want too! Headliner has a couple tears but still looks pretty good. The original radio is intact. I put a new antenna in as some kids apparently broke it off.
No A/C in the vehicle. Tires are good with lots of tread left. The bushings I don't know about, but I'm assuming when they had all that brake work done they would have replaced them if they needed it less and 1000 miles ago.
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May 23, 2006
Sugar Hill, Ga
Well given it's an orignal A code w/ pony interior, I would bump up the resevere on that and if it's truly a matching #'s car, that's pretty rare these days. Nada lists about $20k average retail conditon being: Average Retail — This vehicle would be in good condition overall. It could be an older restoration or a well-maintained original vehicle. Completely operable. The exterior paint, trim and mechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out. A "20-footer".
I'd set reserve at $13-15k, best of luck...


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Apr 6, 2006
Welp boys it sold! Actually a guy from my Fantasy Football forum bought it from Texas! He got it for the reserve price of 10k.... I think he got a sweet deal and I really hope he enjoys it!

Thanks for all comments and help! I''ll be back with a new mustang in a few years!