How much do you think my car is worth?


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May 13, 2000
Charles Town, WV
The parts:

FRPP hoses, new dipstick tube, Kirban AFPR and Jeg’s gauge, ported GT40 lower and powder coated upper intake, Mr. Gasket 4364 180 t-stat, GT40 manifold cover, new IAC and coolant temp. sensor, BBK aluminum under drive pulleys, Felpro 40620 rear main seal, AFR 165 #1472 heads, Head bolts ARP 154-3601, Head gasket Felpro 1011-2, Crane 1.7 rr's, Comp Cams push rods 7826-16, Fox Lake/ARP water pump/timing cover bolts ENG-TBK , timing chain FMS m6268A302, intake manifold bolt kit ARP 454-2101, Intake gasket Felpro 1250, Felpro permadry valve cover gaskets vs13264t, FRPP M-8005-C radiator , Moroso cool air kit, Accufab 70mm throttle body, Stewart components standard rotation (CW) water pump, ASP 6 rib water pump pulley , Camshaft Innovations cam, FRPP m6500-r302 roller lifters, 45449 timing cover gasket, FRPP m6000-e302 valve covers, m9486-a52 intake spacer,150-2501 ARP balancer bolt, Powerbond SFI balancer, custom alternator mount/bracket,39.5" belt, E9ZF-12A650-C2A Melling M-68 oil pump, IS-68 oil pump shaft, and Felpro OS34508R 1 piece oil pan gasket.
0w30 Series 2000 Amszoil and Eao15 filter

New Bousch 02 sensors, Dynomax ultraflow catback and UPR X-pipe, FRPP M-9430-C50 ceramic coated short tube headers with Percy seal for good gaskets,

Drive train:
FRPP Transmission cooler and 21 tooth purple speedo gear, Trickflow pan/filter, Superior 31 spline axles SAG-EV81, FRPP 31 spline trac lok M4204F318, new A-36 carrier bearings, new axle bearings and seals, Trickflow 8.8 cover tfs-8510100, TV E7ZZ-7F042-A cable and also TV grommet brass bushing up-grade, Edge Racing converter 3600 stall, new Ford block plate, B&M 81002 shifter, Lentech Street Terminator cal. 3 valve body, FRPP 3.73 gears, aluminum drive shaft, new front pump seal, selector shaft seal, HPM drive shaft safety loop, Weld Draglites - 15-5 w/MT 26-8.5-15 and 15-8 w/MT ET Streets 26-10.5-15

Re-surfaced rotors (packed bearings and added new inner seals) and Car Quest brake pads, Russel 693010 stainless braided brake lines, UPR SS caliper bushings, new break shoes and springs, lower torque box reinforcements, axle to lca bolt replaced with grade 8 7/16, Flaming River manual rack FR1890, PA Racing K-member - replaced 12mm rack bolts with grade 8 7/16x6" bolts, Prothane motor mounts 6-501-BL and Energy Suspension trans and cross member mount, Steeda drag sway bar, UPR bumpsteer kit, Strange struts/shocks, FRPP front “A” arms, BBK spring isolators, FRPP “B” springs, Energy Suspension strut bushings, FRPP sub frames, Pro3i U/LCA.

Optima Red Top 34/78 battery, Moroso battery box, Flamimg River Big switch in hatch, 1/0 wire for + and - and #2 for alternator and starter, Napa starter relay, FRPP wires, cap and rotor, new Motorcraft TFI, 130A alternator, Low oil level sender E4AZ-6C626-B washer lol sen and F2AZ-6C624-B sensor asy-eng, Summit coil 852011, PA Performance PMGR starter, DCControl 3516 16" Intergral Fan / Delta Current Control Module, A9P computer, IST Mass Air harness, and Pro-M 75 meter for 24# injectors, Stewart Warner shift light tach, Walboro GSS340 fuel pump

New paint, hatch supports, filler neck grommet, lock rod retainers, cleaned and painted: wiper motor/bracket, bumpstop bracket, Redline Tunning quicklift elite hood lifts, new windshield and quarter windows, belt moldings, dew wipes, drip rail moldings, hatch and door weather stripping, door moldings, cowl grill, headlights, emblems, Cervini Cobra R hood, Billet short antenna, door handles, window run channel liners, sun roof weather stripping, tag light lenses.

New astray door/spring and pass. door lock actuator, 140mph speedometer,new throttle cable E6SZ-9A758-A, articulating sport seats - front/rear, white face gauges, new carpet, Modine heater core, new dome light, seat belt sleeves, rear view mirror, new carpet and floor mats, Pioneer head unit and speakers, new door handles and bezels.



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It looks and sounds like a nice car. If the interior is nice I would ask 8k for it and be happy with around 7k. That's how the market is around here. It would probably take a while [out here] to get 7k but eventually you'd run into the right buyer. If it was a coupe you could get $1500 more. That is my opinion. The market for 5.0's is really soft in Southern Ca unless you are selling a notchback.
I'm going to get some insurance through American Hobbiest Insurance this spring. So I figure it's worth between 10 and 12k. Right now I only have liability. Using American Hobbiest I'd be paying about half my current premium but for full coverage.