how much h/p

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Guessing HP is my favorite! YEEESSS!

Sick96Stang said:
:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

I give you around 350 rwhp maybe a bit higher. Gearbanger should be able to give you a pretty good estimate.

Before I scrolled down, I was gonna put 350. However, if Gearbanger responds, he will tell you what I'm thinking.

Here goes: "You'll get 350HP at the wheels and a broken bottom end before the summer's out." :rlaugh:
Kilgore Trout said:
The only way to settle this is to use one of those newfangled dyno machines! :)

No, guessing is more fun.

I just got a tune and I'm gonna get it dyno'd soon to check the A/F and see how much more HP I make. It's tricky, though because I got 4.10 gears since I got it dyno'd the first time. So, I'm gonna flash my computer back to the stock tune and do the first run, then do the second run with the custom tune. This will show the increase from the tune. I could care less about the number itself. :shrug: