How often do you change your spark plugs?


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Nov 3, 2005
My car is about to hit the 50k in a few months and i am curious when i should replace the plugs? Car seems lke its not running as msooth as it should be so i am wondering if new plugs will help or not?

Do you guys have a preference on which brand of sparkplug you like to use?
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I just turned 50,000+ myself and was wondering the same thing !

Ford recommends 100,000 , the seems a little long to go for me , as a former small black chevy guy I used to change plugs every few months , but the chevys I raced ate plugs (and transmissons for some reason ) quick !
I changed mine at 75,000 miles.
Plugs are cheap and they aren't going to hurt you if you change them.
Just do it.
If the car hasn't been running as smooth may as well change the fuel filter and do a Seafoam.
57K miles here...original plugs still. It runs smooth and doesn't misfire. I have a new set of plugs...but not in a rush to change them.

By the way, the stock plugs are platnium. While not the best for performance, you won't really notice a dif on a near-stock street car.

Motorcraft SP-493's are the OEM plug, gapped at 0.054"