how often??


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Jan 2, 2003
Burke, VA
Ok, I have a 92 Gt with about 102,000 miles on it, I lost my license for 2 years, should i sell it or should i keep it. If I do keep it ( I got a fresh paint job 5 months ago ) i want to. how often should i start it up and have buddies drive it around? I know the worest thing to do to your car is let is sit.... I started it a week ago, and it already said 'Check engine coolent" ) .........or should i sell it? :-(
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Sep 7, 2003
Rome, GA
I lost my license before for 6 mo. Just knowing I had the 'stang waiting for me when the suspension was lifted made it easier. I used time I would've been driving it doing some maintenance. Not as long as 2 yrs, but from my experience I would keep it unless you need the money for bus tickets and taxis.

EDIT: And to answer your question, start it at least weekly. My stang is no longer my daily driver and sometimes I go a couple of weeks without driving it, but I at least start it and let it idle for a bit every week if I can to keep it from crapping out.