How to correctly tune your Amps / Soundstage.


Jun 10, 2003
Raleigh, NC
How do you correctly tune your Amps / Soundstage?

Ok, I finally got my whole system back together after needing to replace my Sub. Durring the whole time I was without a sub, I ended up playing with all my amps setting trying to get it to sound some what decent while I was waiting on a new sub.

So its been about 4 years since I have had to tune a whole system. Usually I let one of my friends do it, since he competes in shows and runs his own shop. But since I moved 1000 miles away, thats not an option.

I started by trying to use the DMM method on the amps, but I am getting a bad soundstage. Sounds like more is comming from the rear then the front. Also since my new JL sub takes A LOT less power then my HX2 did, I am barely using my sub amp. But I'll tell you the JL even with the amps turned WAY down slams harder then the HX2 ever did. The sub now overpowers the highs.

System is broken down in my Sig.

Another thing, at about 50-75% volume, the sub / highs sound good together, but if I go higher the sub does not increase but the Highs do. That is until I take the remote bass knob / epicenter / or the Sub Volume control on the head unit and chage it. I can easily make the sub out power the highs.

I am still in the middle of tuning, I know it will take me a while.

Any ideas?
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