How to Replace the Oil Pan Gasket?


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Jul 25, 2004
Springfield, TN
I need to replace the gasket on my oilpan. I'm no car expert, but I'm going to have my girlfriends dad helping me with this, cause he has an engine hoist and the tools and probably the knowledge too. But I just want to make sure I/we know what we need to do.

If anyone could post a step by step, it doesnt have to be great detail (unless you have time to) but at least the basics. Thanks a bunch in advance.

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First, I would use a one piece gasket. Second, not knowing what mods you have or plan on, with this oppertunity, you may consider swapping in a 7qt pan, oil sender, high perf. oil pump, etc.

Secure your car on ramps. Remove motor mount nuts. Hoist Engine, the higher the better. You may need to disconnect the air intake and some other things, but this depends on how high you want to hoist the engine. My wife and I swapped out the gasket by jacking the engine up a couple of inches and working the gasket in. The pan has a series of bolts. I don't remember any specifics, such as bolt size and torqe requirements, but it is quite straight forward. And if I forgot anything, I'm sure some will catch it. Hope this helps, good luck. :flag:
Well, currently, I'm not worried about preparing for any mods or anything of that sort, and I currently dont have any mods. I just want to fix this oil leak, I hate the smell of burning oil, and I think its gotten worse in the past day or so. If there is anything if I come across anything different, or anything extra you have to do while replacing the gasket, I'll post it up. Not sure when I'm going to get around to this, but hopefully ASAP, lol. Thanks a bunch for the info.
Just make sure you get every last bit of old gasket off and if you decide to use rtv no oil residue. I just used a fat bead of ultra black and made my own but I had the engine on the stand and was able to clean both surfaces with a small 80 grit wheel.