HUGE Drone from Borla Stingers!


New Member
Dec 28, 2005
Hey all! Just thought I would share my experience with my new Borla Stingers. It took a while to get everything bolted up and straight, but all is well on that end. However, after taking a trip last week, I found the drone to be way more than I expected. I have an automatic and around 60 mph (just under 2000 rpm), the drone is horrible! My wife wanted the car louder, but she says she can't stand the drone. Maybe we will get used to it? :shrug: Is there anything I can do to reduce the drone? H-pipe maybe?
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It seems that with any given muffler, Automatic GTs drone noticably worse than manuals. Imco even has specific mufflers for Autos vs. manuals.

Many people have put a bunch of dynamat/quietcar in their trunks and under the rear seats to reduce the interior drone, with good results... :nice: