Electrical Help! can't pull codes/no CEL light...pin 39 do anything?


New Member
May 4, 2021
Hey all, looking for help or info....I have a 93 new rebuilt 5.0 with a new Painless harness connected to a A3M computer. Started it up to get to temp and it idles rough like you expect from a new motor before it's timed. but idles too rough to stay running long enough to make it around to the front to set timing. after a few tries i decided to pull codes and noticed my CEL is not on. To shorten story, when i disconnect computer ground to CEL and ground CEL to chassis bolt the bulb comes on strong. Figured pin 46 was fried on computer but it has continuity to pins 40 & 60 like i believe it should. however pin 39 also has connectivity to pins 40, 46, & 60. can't find any info on pin 39. I also put an actron code scanner on the output plugs and when i turn key on for KOEO reading, you can here fuel pump prime twice and hear relays clicking, but no codes come out after 10 minutes. anyone experience this? maybe bad computer but it seems to run engine as it should. Any help would be appreciated.
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