Hypertech Power Programmer

01 GT true blue

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Jan 12, 2006
Just wonderinf if anybody can help. Programmed my 2001 gt with the power setting that came with my hypertech programmer. I like the power gains I felt from it and changed the gear setting which was nice to have my speedo correct again, but it hates more air. I took the rubber piece off the air box that goes into the fender and it pinged like crazy. I haven't done any other engine mods because of that. I called hypertech and they said bump up the octane. I always run super from chevron 92 octane. If i run octane booster it will not ping but don't want to run in every tank. Im want to do engine mods because i have already done many supension mods. What can and should I do?
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Saleen2001GT is saying with a tuner you need to run higher octane, but you shouldn't need to use an octane booster. But otherwise, without a tune and a virtually stock motor, there is no need, no benefit to running 92 octane gas.
I run 92 octane every tank. What I said is that I don't want to run an octane booster every time. If it comes down to it then I guess i will have to huh. THANKS FOR THE GREAAAAT INFO, LOL.

he is just telling you the truth don't jump on him..

Like any other "tune" some work great on some cars and not so great on others, I would not continue to use that canned tune if the car pings on 92 octane.

If I was you I would sell the hypertech and go with a sct or sniper tuner where you can get a mail order tune that would work better for your car.

Does the car ping if you return it to stock tune? If so check the spark plugs and make sure they are not loose, I have had customer complaints of pinging on accel that was a spark plug that was working it's way out.
It only pings when more air is added, unless I run Octane booster. I have ran the power tune for allmost 2 years now, no problems no pings. The reason I wrote in is because I want to add more air, CAI, TB, etc... If I have to run octane with every tank with the mods, then I will have to. Or if I have to get another tuner, well chit. Thanks for your guys help.
do yourself a favor and throw that hypertech trash out of the window :)
the dtc reading is incorrect and i had nothing but trouble with it , get a sniper or an sct with a mail tune , much better drivability and performance even with their canned tunes and they dont take half a century to load and unload the tune.
Pretty much what everyone else says. The Hypertech is either adding too much timing or leaning it out too much. If you add a CAI or exhaust, it might lean you out a little more, which would cause it to ping. The remedy is to subtract timing or add more fuel, but that's the problem with the Hypertech- you can't do either.

Because you can't adjust fuel or spark, it really isn't much use beyond a stone-stock car. You can either be happy with your car as it is, or, if you want to add more mods, you can buy another tuner (SCT, Sniper, Predator).