Hypertech question?


Aug 17, 2003
Chandler, AZ
A guy wants to sell me his hypertech III programmer.
It was used on his 2001 GT.
He said that it is only to be used in a 2001 GT since it was used in his car once already.
I also have a 2001 GT.
Will I be able to use it in my car?
Don't want to mess anything up.
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The Hypertech programmers work in the following manner:

  • You hookup the programmer to your car and answer the questions it asks.
  • This reprograms your computer to match the modifications.
  • The stock settings get stored onto the programer and cannot be used on another car until you reset your car back to factory specs.
  • Once that car is reset, you can now use the programmer on another Mustang (doesn't have to match the same year, just same style - i.e. 4.6L PI vs. 4.6L pre-'99)

So before you buy it, ensure he has reset it to factory settings or you will not be able to use it. If he has then go for it. They can sometimes help your fuel curve a little, but don't expect the 15+ HP that they advertise...