I finally busted a T5!!


Hungrymonkey's helper monkey
Nov 4, 2004
Wilsonville, OR
After years of owning several mustangs, I finally busted a T5!!

For the first time in months I decided to take the stang out and go play with another buddy in his 5.0, and I whipped a few donuts and sprinted off, then about 3 miles down the road I started hearing what I thought was a rod knock, and pulled over and noticed once I stopped and pushed the clutch in it was gone.

Now it will drive (though I don't dare) but shifting into 2nd or 4th it wont go anywhere and makes a bunch of noise. I'm kind of proud of myself for being such a moron.

Anyone have an extra T5 they'd like to sell? :rlaugh:
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Ahh I remember when I broke my first T5. Back when my car was the commuter car (still turboed and running 11s). I was getting onto 526 with two of my carpool buddies in the car and rolled into it in 3rd gear and right at torque peak, blammo. I ended up limping it to work and even limped it home 40 miles at about 35 mph. Ya gotta love that big magnet on the botom of the case.
I ended up taking that trans and 2 others and making one that worked, but it howled like a SOB. Matter of fact I took it to the track that way and heard a guy tell his kid as I was passing on the return road that my car sounded like a plane taking off. Between the turbo and that trans it probaby did. Oh well it got me by till I got my Tremec.
The last one I broke was in my four banger car. The tailshaft bushing let go on the freeway and lunched the output shaft, that was wierd.:shrug:
i grenaded 3rd taking 2nd and 4th out in my 351w's first t5 after the swap. that good ol' turbocoupe tranny lasted a good 3 months with the extra 150lbs over rating, even with hellish driving. so i threw another turbocoupe tranny in! i just love the shorter gears...