I found a new - older pic of the 93 vert


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Oct 29, 2006
Jackson, MI
well i was going through my photos and came across a lot of pics of the car but i think i already posted those this is one with the top down and before i got the hood


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well after posting this pic i have decided i hate it...i dont know whats up but it looks way to red and not the color that it is at all:nonono: :nonono: im disapointed guys must be the dim lighting:( ...everyone always thinks its orange...and i have to refer to it as that since i got the red 94... its auctually the performance red....really orangey tint...but this pic sucks
i love 18's lol:D ....but i will probley thow them onto the 94 for next summer since i want to play with it a lot more.... i got to much stuff to do in to little time....i never drive this car anymore..:nonono: ...plans for the 94 are replace rear main..oil pan gasket /trans flush...lowering springs...flowmaster cat back...alignment with cc plates...install 4.10's and trac loc rebuild...and install my nitrous kit...and paint.....phew...i got a lot to do this summer...then next winter i got to start building my 347....what a money pit this car has become!!!!!! it was so much easier to mod the heck out of this vert i got single live at home.....ahh those were the days lol.....every mod takes so much longer now.....i still gotta find sometime to get my 18" saleens!!!!