I just installed Mach 1 springs


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Jul 22, 2002
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I did it during the weekend, I got the springs from a guy that took them off from his Mach 1, side by side they are actually shorter than the factory GT ones, before I did it I check how low the car was and I wrote down the numbers in a piece of paper, then after the change I measure it again and my surprice was that the drop was basically zero :shrug:

When I was doing the spring change I was also going to install the Tokico struts/shocks from the Mach 1 (yes they have the tokico label on them), but when I took the GT ones off I notice that they were as hard to compress as the tokico from the Mach 1, so I decided to reinstall the stock struts/shocks, at least this way I'll have the tokico ready when the stock ones goes bad.

So what is the parameter that tells the difference between struts/shocks, I know the stock struts are "32 mm piston, valve shocks" and the rear are "30 mm piston", versus the tokico "35 mm piston" for the front and "30 mm piston" for the rear, is that a good parameter for comparison?, does it means that the stock ones perform similar than the tokico?, I believe the tokico are should be better quality anyways.

For the rear swaybar, the tickness is the same between the GT swaybar and the Mach 1, however few websites claim that the rear GT swaybar is tubular and the Mach 1 is solid, I went to check to the Ford dealer and the computer showed the same swaybars for both GT and Mach 1 :shrug: , so I'm keeping the one I already have I guess.
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mrvax said:
We learn something new each day.

Damn, your post is an overview on how Stangnet has become.. Even the mods are sarcastic and won't miss a chance to try to make someone look like an idiot.. Save it.

I don't care what anyone says.. The Mach does not have a noticeable lowered stance, especially the front. Just as high as my 02 GT was pre steeda springs. I think the back sits slightly lower. Ford should have lowered it to at least bullitt levels, but probably were afraid of too many scuffs on that all so important piece of plastic on the bottom of the bumper...
I don't think the mach 1 springs drop is much more than 3/4" compared to gt's. I put the eibach pro kit springs on my gt and I've had my car sitting next to the mach 1 and my stance is noticeably lower. I did have to replace my stock shocks. They weren't valved right for the new springs. I went with mach 1 tokicos and I am very happy with the results.