I need a door


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Oct 23, 2003
Mountain Home, ID
Hey guys I was wondering if anybody knows of a place I can by a replacement door from. So idiot backed into my car and took off while I was parked at a truck stop drving half way across the country. The door is dented in real good and they hit it right on the crease so it can't be pulled out. I am not worried about the color since I am getting ready to paint the car this summer. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Also I have already check ebay and the classifieds here.
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TripleBlack95 said:
for something like this it'd probably be better not to go to the insurance. Most companies have a $500 deductable and I'm sure you can find a new door, or at least a new skin for under $500... Then if you do go through your insurance, you're rate is going to go up so in the end you're going to be screwing yourself over. Insurance is abunch of :bs: since you end up paying it back anways