I need a recommendation...


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May 16, 2002
Savoy TX
...on heads. I didn't do a search because I wanted answers specifically for my (wife's) combo.

I want to use a turbo from a thunderbird with this motor:
Stock forged pistons, E303, Typhoon upper/lower, 24# injectors, 1.6 roller rockers, 75mm maf, 70mm TB, and the other typical bolt ons (pulleys, exhaust, etc.)
It has stock ported E7's with Comp. beehive springs, but I wanted some good aluminum heads that would flow well enough to keep up with a small amount of boost, probably just 7 or 8 pounds or so.

AFR 185's fit the bill? Any other suggestions?

BTW, it has a 5 speed with 3.73's.

Thanks in advance.
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AFR 185s would be an excellent choice for your application.

I'm worried about the turbo, though. I don't think one turbo from a thunderbird turbo coupe would be enough to make 7-8 psi on a 302. What size turbos did they come with?