I need electrical help-pics inside


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Mar 2, 2006
Ft. Laudy FL
to start off i'm dumb

ok i took some wires off the starter relay to clean them cuz my car wasnt firing, so i thought i needed to clean some ground cables since thats all the mechanic did a week ago when she was acting the same way.
like a jacka$$ i took more than one cable off, at different places, close to eatchother, at the same time:nono:

and i rewired it wrong, now it cranks up when i connect the + battery cable, it arcs like a mutha too. and no key needed in the ignition!

i took some pics they way it is wired right now, is there anything wrong? can anybody go look at their starter relay and give me a detailed subscription of which cables go on which bolt

thanks stangnet:hail2:


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I cant tell a whole lot from the pics but it sounds like you have the starter cable attached to battery power. The starter cable is all alone on one side of the solenoid to prevent this.

I would put your meter on each wire to make sure you dont have a ground attached to the solenoid (possible that it happened?).

Good luck.