I need help identifiing engine


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Oct 1, 2006
Bremerton, WA
I recently bought a 1966 Coupe from a guy

He said that the previous owner put a 302 out of an '86 Thunderbird into it...

I cannot tell if this is really a 302 or a 289...I really don't mind if it is either, but I am looking for dress up parts and other stuff that may be 289 or 302 specific and I wold really appreciate some help id-ing the motor

Here is a link to my photobucket Motor Pic

Thanks for any help

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What fits a 289 will also fit a 302.Same valve covers, intakes, heads etc. Same dimensions on the blocks. Different crankshaft and rods. If that's an 86 motor, look at the front corner of the passenger side head and see if there's a large "S" or "T" cast next to the valve cover. Also check the block casting numbers. Early engines will have this above the starter, later 80's engines will be on the driver's side, next to the bell housing at the bottom. Can't tell you more from the pic other than it is one or the other (289 or 302)
The only thing I saw that would indicate a later engine is the plug wires. Obviouslly not a reliable method of identification.

Actually, it looks to me like it has the thermactor block off plugs on the front of the heads. Those might even be rusty old stock tubular headers too, but I can't see them that well.
I get the feeling that the previous owner just kinda pieced her together....yup it has some old rusty tubular headers...as for the battery cables...I have no clue...probably some universal kit and the guy was too lazy to shorten the wires...when it stops raining here in the damp PAC-NW I will go outside and start looking for some type of engine ID numbers...