I need suggestions on a complete exhaust setup


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Jan 15, 2007
I have a 95 Cobra. I'm about to put on a Vortech S-Trim on it

It already has BBK shorty headers, stock mid pipe, and a flowmaster exhaust on it

I want to switch out to a longtube setup with an Xpipe and a good exhaust. AND I want 3" all the way from the header collectors back?

I'm looking at some MAC 1 3/4" Longtubes w/ 3" collector. but i have no idea what Xpipe and exhaust to get

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I have the exhaust your looking at. Make sure you get the headers in ceramic. The regular coating is garbage. Mine still look brand new. I got the entire kit LT, Prochamber and Cat back for under $1100 shipped to my door from Pacifica. Its all 3 inch.
i have kooks long tubes with 3" collectors going onto my engine, but it is a 410. if you need a 3" exhaust on your 302, then mine are way too small for my setup.

i am also going with a prochamber.

i am also planning on delta flowmaster 50s (3 chamber), because pokageek has found them to be drone free. Summit part #FLO-942553 for the 2 1/2" version.

i have some mac jet-hot coated long tubes from my aborted 331 buildup if you are interested in them. they were on chris eades' (eades5.0) supercharged 331 before he went turbo. they have 1 3/4" primaries and 2 1/2" collectors so they would be good with the deltas above.

email me if interested: [email protected]