I ran an02 SS the other night....


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Aug 31, 1999
New Orleans, LA
Well, this was my first race against "the enemy". I know the guy and I know what's been done to the car. He got the heads and intake worked, a stall, shift kit and 3.73s. I don't think he hogged the heads out but he told me he got them done. He also has some nice suspension too. He's go subframe connectors, liftbars, and God knows what else he has that I didn't see. He has nitrous on the car but he didn't spray me. When we ran he only beat me by a fender. I was pinging a little bit at the top end because my stock radiator can't keep up if I don't let the car cool down a good bit before I run it....my Fluidyne couldn't be fixed :mad: . You can see what I have in my sig. but I haven't tuned my car yet. I have my timing set at 14*, FP at 40psi, and I'm running rich. Oh, and I haven't adjusted my roller rockers again since I put the motor together....I'll be doing that this weekend if the weather allows. So, i'd say my car is running pretty strong considering. What do guys think?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I used a friend of mine's 10.5" Cobra Rs w/ 315 Nitto DRs for the race. I'm supposed to be using them again tonight because we're trying to go to the track....but it doesn't look like the rain is gonna stop anytime soon. :nonono:
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I now hate Camaro's. j.k

Was following one on the highway the other night, he took off in front of me, i stayed behind him the whole way, and he THREW ON HIS FLASHERS? then got off on an exit..

What a ricer thing to do...