I sat in the new stang and camaro today..


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Jun 10, 2005
The both felt exactly the same..like a recliner and like I was sitting on the floor. I didnt like it and was not so disappointed I put money into this car. For me, thats not bad at all. :nice:
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I've been in both and the new Mustang doesn't feel nearly as big inside as the outside would leave you to believe. The Camaro is.... jeez... you cant see a damn thing out of the car. It's like riding in a tank.

Both of them are awesome in the drivetrain department though. Im anxious to see what the 3.7 and 5.0 can do.
It felt like I was sitting down in the car, on the floor literally without a seat but worse than my Z28. I don't like the gauges, the instrument panel..in either car, the interior is good quality though. The car feels intrusive, claustrophobic with low visibility. Thats my take. I could see myself driving an 08 or something one day - liking the outside and hoping that model is not so smothering.
are the 2010 mustangs that different than the 05-09? i love driving my buddies 06. very comfortable, very viewable, very....everything good :D. of course, this is just MO.