i think i need a new horn


New Member
Apr 3, 2003
turns out my cruise control still works...i opened the hood and when i press on my steering wheel for the horn i can hear a clicking noise underneath the hood9like its as if the horn wants to honk but wont...)..so i think i need a new horn, how do i get at this under the hood, is it easy to get at? thanks for any help.
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hahahhahahahahaha yea you need a new horn that exact same thing happened to my 04 lol. I drove down to nopi and when i pulled in the parking space and got out i locked my car and the horn sounded really weak. Got back in it and heard the same clicking sound when i hit the horn. thank god mine was covered under warranty though i wasnt gonna pay for a new horn.
it's an easy fix i assume?...now does anyone know whereabouts under the hood it is...i can hear it from drivers side but im not exactly sure how to get at it!!