Engine IAC adjust spacer plate factory settings

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Jun 10, 2012
Hi all. I had idle issues on my 93 Cobra. I found it to be associated with the IAC adjustment plate. Bad gaskets I believe. Idles pretty good without it installed.

I removed it, gave it a thorough cleaning. Bought new gaskets and now I need to put it back to factory settings. The installation instructions from Ford say that it comes from Ford preset at maximum airflow for engine applications of 5.0L displacement or smaller.

The plate required a good cleaning. I removed the two set screws fully and cleaned everything thoroughly. I see that both set screws had blue Loctite indicating to me that they were factory set.

I’m going to reinstall it. Does anyone know what the initial settings are for the 2 set screws for a factory 5.0? I want to get back to baseline so I can tweak to get the best idle with the plate. The car has a mild aftermarket cam so I want to reinstall to get the optimal idle

Thanks all


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Not open for further replies.