IAC Sensor Pic?

Any one have a pic of the pesky IAC Sensor?

After 70,000 miles, I believe mine has finally died. When my car is cold, it would not hold idle. When I start it up and take my foot off of the gas, it dies.

Napa has an IAT sensor for about $52.00. My question is where is this sensor and does any one have a pic of it?
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CTGrey02 said:
52 bucks??? I coulda sworn I only paid like 30 for it from Steeda. Any ford parts counter can get it for you as well
Cost me $92 from Ford dealer last summer. I was at work and my car wouldn't start so I had to pay it and get it. He told me he was cutting me a deal too.

I didn't know where else to buy it until after I had replaced it.