Identifying Disc Brake Kit Parts


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Nov 13, 2020
Hate to give up my secrets, but I'm getting too old to continue doing this. Over the years I bought classic mustangs that were destined for a resto-mod and ,as often happens, the dreams were bigger than the stamina. I would buy the car, get it in daily driver shape and sell it for what I had in it and keep all of the resto-mod parts.

Recently lucked up on a 2-owner original convertible keeper and want to use some of these parts, especially a four wheel disc kit with no documentation. I'd like to find out the brand as I acquired it quite a number of years ago and hoared the kit. If I find missing parts or the seals are deteriorated, I need to know a parts source as I want to convert to power brakes when I install. Any suggestions on finding out exactly what I've got?
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