Electrical Ignition Cylinder


Apr 16, 2005
Hey guys.

I've been having a little problem with my power windows/trunk release. At first it seemed that they would not work if the car was running, but after some playing around I figured out that the ignition cylinder has to have a slight bit of pressure on it (just enough to push it towards START without engaging the starter) in order for them to work.

Do I need to go ahead and replace the ignition cylinder to fix this or what?

Thanks for all the help.
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Some of the symptoms of ignition switch problems are things that don’t work or are intermittent like radio, turn signals, wipers or heater.

There was a FREE recall on Ford ignition switches. They overheat and sometimes catch fire. That burns up the steering column and sometimes the car interior. Since this is very old information, you may not be able to get the switch replaced for free anymore. The auto parts stores sell the switches for $13-$15.




Saleen0679 was nice enough to dig this up for us awhile back: Replace a 1979-1993 Ignition Switch Assembly
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So this will also cause faulty turn signals? My sognals woll turn on but not flash
That's probably a bad flasher unit. It’s time for an Easter egg hunt…

The turn signal flasher is not mounted on the front of the fuse panel. The flasher on the front of the fuse panel is a separate one for the hazard lights. The turn signal flasher is in one of several places, depending on when your car was made. Some are behind the fuse panel on the back side, others are behind the radio and some are behind the glove box.

Other possible problem sources for the turn signal malfunction are the ignition switch, multifunction switch and the plastic shell that holds the turn signal wiring connector pins.

A word of caution about multifunction switches is in order here. The multifunction switch (high/low beam, wiper, turn signals) are different for different years. 87-89 will work in any 87-89 car. The 90-93 switches only work in 90-93 cars. You can't put an early model switch in a late model car, nor can you put a late model switch in an early car.

Supposedly you can move the pins around to make the switches work in model years that are different from the car the switch came out of. I cannot verify that and haven’t tried it .

The following diagram is for 87-89 model cars.

Turn signal switch wiring: