Ignition & Dizzy Help


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Aug 21, 2004
I did a search a few days ago and highjacked someone else's old thread. My problems escalated and need my own now.
I bought a MSD 6A ignition, Dizzy and wires. I have a blaster coil but it has been it the car for a while. Two problems:
1. With the ignition box hooked up and the dizzy not yet installed the car would rev up on its own then drop the RPM's until it almost stalled. I called MSD and they told me to put in the dizzy and that should solve it.
2. I just installed the dizzy today and attached the wires. The car starts but dies right away. I step on the gas and it doesn't help it. While it is running and before it dies, it idles really rough. I'm afraid I installed the dizzy wrong. I followed the instructions and also followed JRichker's instructions. Is it possible that when I installed the dizzy I put it a cylinder off, if so would I be able to put the wires one plug off as well? (did that make any sense?) Does the oil pump shaft turn at all when pulling out and putting in the dizzy?

Sorry for the long post but I'm worried I messed something up.

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Apr 12, 2004
They oil pump shaft probably won't turn (unless the motor does), but the shaft on the distributor will rotate somewhat to mesh up with the cam gear. Try pulling it out and making sure you on TDC on the compression stroke, and restabbing it, rotor to the number one wire.