I'm baaaack! (pics)


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May 19, 2002
McChord AFB, WA
Hey guys... just wanted to say it's gooood to be home after 3 months overseas. Oh man, it felt so good to fire up the car and just listen to the rumble and whine :)

Got back to a few packages of stuff:

I'm still waiting for the K-member and front suspension goodies to show up though. Got an appointment for Sat at All Ford Perf to tune the car so I can really see what this vortech feels like :banana:

Well, thats about it for now, cant wait to meet up with some of you guys.. what are the local meets like nowadays? Does the puyallup starbucks meeting still go on? Burgermaster? Cant wait for the Roundup.. taking leave to go this year :)

Oh, and a couple pics with my new 8.0 MP camera :)

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Hey, I'm in Blue.. I think I actually saw you today, pulling out of silver's parking lot around 1130 or so? My car was parked backwards in the front row in front of blue..

Thanks for the compliments guys, its damn good to be back.. for a little while anyway :)
yeah man i work in silver. my wife works over in blue with you. i was hoping to get into contact with you over that cruise later on. my wife and i are jet troops and on day shift. if you see SrA Mason, say HI cuz thats my wife! also convince her that working on my car is a GOOD THING! hehe!!
welcome back glade to see that youre back here safe now. that car is sweet do you still happen to have the stock head lights? intrested in selling them if you have them still? ironmedic youre wife sounds like mine :D but then again i think mine is pissed off cause she cant ever drive mine tho :D peace