Im Ready for this Weekend


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Apr 15, 2003
Deland, FL
Im already ready to go for this weekend.


Anyone else?
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No ice.
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not much but thats every weekend.

Back in my hayday (about a year ago) that was everynight.

This is just an example from last years mardi gras run.

Man love Mardi Gras.

And nobody comment about the Bud Light.
Bud Light is the ****. You cant drink heavy beers like newCastle and stuff when you are drinking from 6AM till midnight.
For this very reason I wish I could drink beer...for the simple fact of how nice they make a fridge look and conv. it would be.

I have a allergy to either the hops or barly(sp?) in the beer and get VIOLENTLY ILL. Like almost died 2x's from less than 2 beers.

Have to settle for mixed and cranberry is my poison. Damn allergy, I have to watch it 6 good drinks I have to space out over a few hrs. Would be much nicer to just chill with 6 bottles and feel little (from what I am used to) from it.

Nice fridges guys....Vib. I remember the bottle pics from one of your cruises a year to 2 ago....:hail2:
im not a huge beer fan, but thats not saying i wont drink it:D

i start off my nights with liquor
then more liquor
then usually some beer
then some more liquor and beer
then i finish the night off with liquor

sometimes i scare myself in how much i can drink. a night of drinking for me is usually enough to put most people in the hospital.
I don't have any pics, but i have your liquor shelf beat Joe. Last time we went to the liquor store to restock, we spent almost 400 bucks. We didn't even get everything we needed.....
You get Yuengling in Florida now???
When I lived there, I'd always have to go home (NJ) to get of my favorite brews...
nice looking fridge

You bet!!!!! But I couldnt find it in New Hampshire or Massachusettes when we were up last. I could have drove to the brewery from there in a couple hours.

Man! stop drinking that piss and get some polish beer

Any suggestions?

BLUE MOON BARF!!!!thats the worst stuff ever... i like me bud ice/budweiser/budweiser select/ bud light in that order lol i would drink miller lite over bud light too lol

Never had it before... thas why there is one. ;) Thanks for the warning I wont be expecting much.

Whats the occasion? Chinese new year? :shrug:

Pardon the ignorance, its not my fault, I'm Canadian.
Nothing's going on this weekend up in the great white north as far as I know.

I just found out its MLK day on Monday. But we have the NFL playoffs (go Colts!!!!!, and I want the pats to win), and Im going to be working on the house all weekend. Nothing like beer and power tools.

Too bad I was sober when I shot a nail through my finger.