In Need Of An Excellent Remote Tuner For Full 5.0 Coyote Build! Pls Help


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Jun 30, 2013
I have a 2011 5.0 with and air raid intake, bama 91 oct tune, SCT tuner, and flowmaster outlaws.. Never been on a dyno, but car feels good, runs a bit lean at about 14.5 - 14.8

Here is what I want! I have a terrible obsession with N/A cars and absolutely love the coyote engine!

I will start with long tube headers, x pipe, and probabaly different mufflers because witht he outlaws and long tubes, I amy be kicked out of my neighbourhood (like the JPC headers, great pricing!) and will probably get a JPC tune with it as well to start with, but not sure and haven't decided yet

After that it gets a little more complicated

I want to get into the motor..

  • Heads (JPC or Livernois)
  • Cams (JPC or Comp) JPC reported no bottom loss with their cam grind and it half the price of comp
  • Rotating assembly 11.5 compression (if necessary)
  • CJ Intake Manifold with single blade Throttle Body and
  • Pulse Ring (if necessary)
  • And the complementary parts like drive shaft, clutch, gears, etc...
  • I love my 3.31 gears right now, but know that they will have to go once the cams go in, depending on what cams
(any suggestions with my parts list would be helpful as well)

I want 530-550 WHP. I want 8000 rpm.. I want 10 second capability.. I want it to scream! Yes, its ambitious , but I know it can be done, and that is what I want! The biggest variable is the tune.. These engines seem to be complicated to tune and I don't want leave anything on the table..

Here is my problem. I live in AZ.. I Cannot find a single good tuner here, and don't want to ship the car 2000 miles to tune it.. So, any suggestions??? Installing the parts is not a problem.. I will have everything installed locally..

Here is my short list of tuners..
....Called Bama, they don't do head cam 5.0 tunes so they are out...
That leaves me with:
......B&D in Van Nuys, CA (BTW, they have a 520+ WHP 5.0) and super guys, I spoke to them a few times.. Just the nicest people!!
.....Brenspeed (dont know much about them, and to tell you the truth, wasn't to impressed with the comp cam test they did, but as always, I may be completely wrong)
......Livernois does remote tuning now, but they have a heads only car, they didn't put any cams in it, and that was years ago.. So I dont know what their potential is without having the car on the dyno, but If I ship it, they told me we can get to my goal (for the price of another mustang.. haha)
I know they heads and parts are top notch though.. I see their ls7 z06s are putting 600 to the wheels

Am I missing anyone? Based on what I see, I'm not too crazy about John Lund tunes but I could be mistaken..
please help... I really dont want to leave anything on the table..

Any tuners out there want to take on this challenge, please let me know.. I will take it one step at a time.. I can datalog, find a local dyno to check the numbers, send you whatever you need.. I would drive to California after the complete build, to do on location dyno tuning, if anyone out there wants to help, but would need a preliminary mail tune in order to make it there..

everyone I spoke to so far has been really helpful and super nice.. I wish I can give the business to everyone, but my situation is somewhat unique because of my geographic proximity

Sorry for the rant, and thanks to everyone willing to help in advance..
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