Indoor cart racing..


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Feb 16, 2001
Anyone have places around em? We had 12 of us head over at Christmas vacation for a drive...What a hoot...We did (2) 25 laps heats...
These thing really fly...we did the math on our track times and it said we hit 51 MPH...:D ...and your like 1 " from the wall...:nice:
Going back tomorrow night for another go at it...These things are addicting...

This track is all indoors...Bud of mine went to one in Boston that does both indoor/indoor driving for the same session...
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We have a place like this that opend' up a few months ago. They use these 8k$ italian electric carts. I have talked to a few people who have done it and they say they fly and its a good bit of arm working. I want to do it but free time as of late has been a PITA.
We have one. They are such a blast. I don't know if they are 8k italian carts there but they hit at least 40-45, but you only have to wear a helmet. I know some places make you wear the full flame gear and ****. It just gets expensive...but they are pretty damn addicting.
Yeah I go to Speedway Raceway in Phoenix. They have 270cc 4 stroke sprint carts. And it's about the same, on the long run you hit about 50. My lap times are pretty consistent averaging about 30mph over the entir course. It's crazy fun and makes me want to get into competitive kart racing. The place in Phx is almost exactly like the link you posted.
Wow-I cant believe we are talking about this.
I took my Mustang off the road four days a go to do this.

I have raced indoors for two seasons-Ive placed 3rd and 2nd in overall points.
I race at F1Boston (the indoors track) I currently hold the track record on track 1which is pretty nasty. After doing some indoors racing where momentum is key I am moving to the outdoors!

I am buying a CRG RoadRebel (a very sick sick sick chassis) and a brand new motor. The chassis I am buying goes for much more than I am buying it for ($2500) and the motor which I am getting from Florida costs more than $3,200.

Things outdoors are very technical. You have to be nasty at setting your suspension up-castor/camber/toe in-out/rear axle lenght-height, tire pressure(we use nitrogen not just air). You also have to jet your carb up taking into consideration of air humidity/density/temperature...

Indoors is cool but outdoors is where its at. You can hit 100mph easy and pull 2.5gs in a corner. Indoors you are stuck to something around a 1/4 mile track and if your lucky a 6hp engine. Outdoors you get a 125cc 32hp engine on a sub 200lb kart. With a power to weight ratio like that you get moving faster than our cars can and many other super cars can perform at. And dont get me started about the 6-speed shifter karts or the shifter karts with aero kits and 250cc engines which top out at over 135mph!

Pretty nasty-anyone from/around the Boston area please let me know if you want to go for a race either indoors or outdoors. I am always game.
We're going again the end of Feb....we had anohter area at work give a challenge...6 of us, 6 of them...:nice:

This last time I finished 6th...Had to much fun wiping people out and putting em into the walls, was riding around LMAO...Didn't even get caught and flagged...:D
The place I like to go to in Phoenix will slow your cart down if you are driving too aggressively. I went with a friend who was getting too much of a kick out of ramming everyone in the slow corners and I ended up lapping him twice because he ended up going so slow.
Oh man how I miss that. We had an indoor track back in my hometown, used to go every once in a while. Not cheap to do it, but man there is nothing like it. When those tires get hot and sticky, its insane the G's you can pull around tight corners. Hopefully gonna get some outdoor track time this summer at a local track.
My car club heads to KC once a year to go here:

We usually get 14 of us on the track at one time. Definitely a blast! We're headed there in March. We've yet to make it a 30 minute race without them threatening to kick us all out. The guys get pretty aggressive and when people purposely block you, you can only put up with it so long. LOL