Injector oring replacment

Dec 5, 2006
Im going to be replacing my orings on all fuel injectors but the problem is how do i get the bottom injector oring to come off ' the top one is no problem but the bottom is quite a feat.
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You need to buy the cap and o-ring replacement set. They are only a few bucks a piece at the parts store or you can order them on e-bay through Mr. injector, I got mine in 2 days for them. Kit comes with cap, o-rings and new filters, for like $16.
Dec 5, 2006
Thanks' i did not know that the caps could be replaced ' ill get some caps for the injectors aswell' also do the new caps just snap on or is there a special way to put em on proper.

thanks much!!!
I have seen the kit that Liquid is talking about, but I figure if you have them out why not replace the caps too. The caps will be a bit of a pain to remove sometimes, but if you soak the new ones in hot hot water, they will be easy to put on


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Aug 8, 2003
You can get replacements pintle cap and 0-ring kits at pepboys, i know this for a fact since i did it.

Here's a little hint.
Heat up the pintle cap a little when putting them on, this will avoid cracking them.
I may have one in the garage, i'll check for the part number.

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