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Jul 11, 2002
k-town tn
Is there any benefit to upgrade the stock injectors, if there is no forced induction, all I have is intake, and exhaust, 75 TB & penlum with U/D pullies coming soon, I am alos thinking about ditching the densecharger and gettting the steeda cold air and then a reflash on the computer. Just wandering about the injectors??
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I think they're good for quite a bit of power. If you want to go ahead and upgrade, get a new MAF at the same time and get them tuned to work together. Just my opinion.

I can't believe our stock injectors are pink :nonono:
If they could even keep up, you'd be taxing 19#er's at 400 horsepower at the flywheel and no way would they keep up at 400 RWHP. Injectors aren't a "performance" mod in the sense that they will give you anything other than the ability to consistently supply a specific amount of fuel based on the amount of air being drawn/forced into the engine.

Unless you're making/going to make enough power to need them, it's really a waste of money.

Injectors are in the same boat as MAFs: unless you surpass their limits, just keep your hands off, there's no need to mess with it. MAFs are sensors, not performance parts. Any gains you see from one is because out of the box they lean your A/F ratio, the stock one isn't that restrictive.

The 19lb injectors on the 2V engines are good to around 300RWHP.

I wouldn't bother with any cold air garbage. Take all that money and put it towards opening up the real restriction: the heads and cams.