inspection question


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Dec 5, 2001
i'm posting this question for my son who usually posts on here. he has a 1988 mustang GT and he put on a air pump delete pully and a off road x pipe, he went to get the car inspected and the mechanic failed it for not having either one on the car. the car was only getting a safety inspection which is reguired here in north carolina. i have and older mustang that came with the same equipment that was also deleted and it passed the safety inspection at the same station by the same mechanic:shrug: . what can he do know? does he have to put all of the equipment back on, which he does'nt have anymore, in order to pass? any help out there, thank you.
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You should'a asked the inspecting mechanic. In Md, everything has to be there and in working order. WE have a book to reference for each model, year, make that tells exactly what the car came with. If he no longer has the equip. he'll have to get it. Unless you can find someone to pass it.