Install question...


New Member
Apr 4, 2005
Ok guys, its been a long time coming but things keep coming up taking up my time on the weekends...I think im gonna be able to install my gears and my subframe connectors this weekend ( :banana: , i hope). The gear install i get, however, but i have a question about the MM full length subframe connector install. WHen i was looking at the paper work, it said for proper installation jack stands CANNOT be used. I was checking it out the other day, ran the front up on ramps and jacked the rear end up and put jackstands underneath the axles. Is this ok, or is the weight on the rear axles and front tires just not the same? If not, i need help guys, because i cant think of how the hell to do this. I have all the tools (even a MIG welder) to do this except for one, the damn lift. Of, and noone around here will do it, liability issues, so im screwed basically if i cant figure this out...
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