installed stingers. got some questions


Sep 10, 2006
i just got done putting on my FRPP stingers on. i got the tips centered in the cutout good but one of the tips sticks out about 1/2" further than the other. what can i do to get them to stick out the same lenght?? and also when you are tighting the clamps on the pipe, i tightened them as hard as a could, but there is still a little bit further it could be tightened but i cant them any tighter. does this matter?? i dont want to be driving down the road and one falls off
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is the clamp suppost to go over the the "U" cutout or right under the "U"??

I put mine over the U cut out. I placed the nub of the axle back connector pipes in the middle of the clamp where the bolt of the clamp runs across the top and tightened to spec. No leaks or inadvertent movement. Hope that helps.