Installing new door handles


10 Year Member
Jan 19, 2006
Finally got around to getting some new metal door handles (mine broke today) all they come with is 4 rivets to install them, just wondering if there is anything else I will need to install them.
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Yeah, it was my driver side that broke too, broke while I was going to get some lunch today at work, I have been expecting it for quite a while now, the stockers lasted longer than I thought:shrug:, going to get some new panel clips while I'm at it, my panel is kind of loose, also have to install my new headliner and sunroof gaskets. Hopefully some new heads and a cam will follow shortly, hooray for tax time, gotta take care of the essentials first though which are my handles and sunroof, then subframes, uppers and lowers then engine. I'm hoping to dump my entire tax return into it:nice:, now that it isn't my daily.
the rivets are hard to use. i just did 1 and i used small bolts with a lock washer,flat washer u cant see them so u dont even know.

x 1 billion. If you keep the car for any length of time you are going to be doing this again. so save yourself a headache and do it with bolts and lock washers.
i did the griggs lowers, and now im kinda forced to do the uppers since i dont want to take htem off and do the mm ones.

just do the mm full length subframes, easier, doesent intrude into your interior.

i have metal door handles sitting aruond, what sizebolts do you use? just like a m6x1.0 thats about a half inch long? then nylon lock nuts? does the bolt have to fit the hole in the handle perfectly?
Yeah, I have already thought about just grabbing some nuts and bolts to install them, seems way easier, my headliner literally just got here a few minutes ago, lmr must be closer to me than I thought. so I am going to put that in here in a few minutes, their headliners look to be a pretty good piece, will be glad to finally have something over my head but the metal:nice:, too bad I forgot to order the black visors to go with it, oh well they can wait:shrug:
I cant find them on ebay anymore. but when i ordered mine a couple years ago there were studs on the handle. Just popped them in and tightened the nuts from the inside. And no one can steal your door handles because there is no bolt head on the outside, if door handle theft is a problem in your area.:shrug: