Installing torque converter

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Nov 29, 1999
If you have a good size floor jack that you can get the transmission adapter for, you'll be so much better off. In all honesty, you don't even need to pull the trans completely out from under the car if you have that available, but you'll need to pull your driveshaft, disconnect the trans cooler lines (get a can of trans cooler flush from your local auto parts store), and probably have to remove your H pipe.

I'll put together the steps necessary here:

  1. Disconnect your battery
  2. Unbolt the starter from the engine
  3. Drain the trans fluid
  4. Take off your H pipe
  5. Take off your driveshaft
  6. Unbolt the trans cooler lines
  7. Disconnect any electrical connections, speedometer cable, and shift linkage
  8. Put jack under the transmission
  9. Unbolt the 4 torque converter-to-flexplate bolts (Having a friend will make this go quicker, since they can rotate the engine by hand for you. You can do this step as step 2 by bumping the engine over without starting it, but I prefer this method)
  10. Unbolt the bellhousing-to-engine bolts and pull the jack backwards.
  11. Remove stock converter
  12. Fill new converter with fluid and place onto transmission. Rotate by hand until it's fully seated.
  13. Reverse steps above to finish reinstallation