intake and exhaust


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Mar 10, 2007
was wondering what intake should i get, i was wondering about that bbk ssi (not ssi-r) intake. has anybody ever used that and is it any good?? or what about a trick flow? also an exhaust question, i wanted to get the loudest/meanest sound with a new exhaust setup. i have straight pipe now and im sick of the popping when i decell. i wanted some slp's but after hearing vids on streetfire the mod motor sounds a lot better with that. any suggestions? :D
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Tmoss Porting. Man you DO need to learn how to use the search function. :p

He can port a stock lower to make it flow like wine (Does that really make sense? I don't know. I'm tired, and it sounded good.). Just look at his website.

Here's a rundown:

The Cobra/Explorer/GT-40, BBK SSI, Edelbrock Performer 5.0 and Trickflow Streetburner are good for mild 302s with low end torque and drivability. Most people will say the Cobra/Explorer is your best bet. Explorers can be had cheap, but take a little bit of doing to bolt onto a Mustang 5.0. GT-40s are rare and pricey these days, and use the same lower as the Cobra and Explorer anyway.

The Trickflow Track Heat, Holley Systemax, and Edelbrock Performer RPM II are excellent intakes, but work better on high RPM 302s, stroker (331/347) motors, or forced induction. Won't make great low end torque on a street 302 with mild heads and cam.

Bigger intakes can be had from Edelbrock, Trickflow, and others, but should only be used on serious motors.

I have a buddy with a BBK SSI intake on his street car. He loves it, but I've heard mixed reviews from others. Like I said before, it performs with the likes of the Cobra/Explorer/GT-40. Bonus is that it comes with its own set of fuel rails.