Intake manifold bolts

After replacing the heads, and using new bolts with the craziest torque sequence I've ever heard of, we tried to install the manifold but couldn't get the bolts to line up. Or so we thought that was the problem.

Turns out the replacement heads were '96 vintage while the engine is a '95 model. Only Ford would do something so stupid as to change the diameter of the bolts from one year to the next like that. I can see why though. The '95 bolts are way too skinny.

So, here's my problem: two of the bolts have a stud on top, so i can't just go to the hardware store to get replacements. At least not for those two. Will I have to go to a Ford dealer? I doubt the local wrecking yards are going to let me pull bolts out of an engine. They usually pull the engines out and sell them whole. Are there any more "gotchas" when using '96 heads on a 95 engine?
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Now I'm really confused! The intake manifold bolts I took out were 6 x 45mm. When I called the Ford dealer to order new bolts, they said that there was no difference between 95, 96 and even 98 Mustang 3.8 heads w/ respect to intake bolts. They should all be 8mm.

I have no idea what the heads I pulled off originally came from, but the new ones do have the correct 8mm size (at least according to the Ford parts guy). I bought some cheap replacements from Lowe's but I still need the two special bolts with a stud on top. Any ideas where I could get them?