intake manifold ?'s

Hey All I'm pretty new to this forum. I am thinking of getting an intake manifold for the ol stang, I was thinking of a Typhoon EFI intake manifold with a 70mm throttle body and a cold air intake. My Question is what all do I need to do to put it all together? Do I have to bore out my heads to match the manifold? what do you guys think? :shrug:
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anywhere the military takes you huh? Kinda fun I think, get off the plane in some f'ed up country and have at it.....welcome, use the search button, lot of info/opinions on that typhoon intake. Lot of guys here make their own C.A.I., I think they wind up better looking. If you have nothing else done to your car, consider gears, great bang for the buck. Nice cat-back gives that sound we all desire too. good luck
The Cobra/Explorer or Performer would be a beter choice - the Typhoon is OK. If your not going to change heads for a while, porting the stock lower also gives a great hit - use the link in my sig for info and results of intakes and mods.
king cobra clutch=stick :D :bang:

But yea gears are nice but I wouldent recommend anything more than a 3.55. But thats just me. I'm running that right now and I feel its too much gear but I think it would be just right on a stock car. I dont like to shift every 2 seconds so thats why I dont recommend anything taller. Also, Typhoons are shotty/inconsistent quality and its also too big of a manifold for your motor. I agree with the edelbrock performer vote. Good luck with the choices...theres so many of them when it comes to mustangs.
95gtdude said:
Do I have to bore out my heads to match the manifold?

no you dont, you dont need to touch you heads when doing your Intake. If you choose you can port match the lower intake w/ the heads to get better air flow but its not something that needs to be done, some people do it and alot dont.
I have that intake on my car, you'll spend about 4 hours deburring and gasket matching the ports. The runners have alot of casting flash so make sure you have a long arbor for your sanding rolls. It is very similar to the Edelbrock RPM intake so if you don't want to take the time I would buy the Edelbrock.
Grn92LX said:
LOL whoops. I could have sworn I saw that he had an automatic when I posted :nonono:

Anyway, then I say do 3.73/4.10's and an edelbrock performer manifold :D
:rlaugh: :lol: BUSTED :rlaugh: :lol:

ANd "I" and taking advice from "you" on the 347 Project :lol: :rlaugh:
Just bustin your hump bro. !!

I have a Typhoon, but with a blower. I would NOT get that unless you have a higher output bolt on like heads (as mentioned).

The most used/recommended intakes for your setup would be Edelbroke Performer (NOT RPM), Cobra (I like that one) Old Explorer, GT40, or Trick flow-Street Heat.

Porting your lower will help some, but now like the above choices.
95gtdude said:
I have another ? about trick flow manifold's I found one on ebay for $440 brand new. How would that work with my stock 302 motor?

$440 is a horrible deal on an e-bay trick flow intake. They are $395 brand new from summit, or pretty much any place else. If your gonna go ebay, it should definatly be cheaper than 395, let alone 440.

And yes, it will work great with a stock bottom end. I was gonna go with a trick flow myself, but I came across a great deal on a cobra intake.

Welcome to the forums. :cheers: