intake pipe help


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Aug 8, 2002
Ok fellas, need some help. I've got a 99GT with ProM 77MM MAM with K&N filter installed by steeda (with fender delete) on my stock inlet rubber tube, which is also connected on the other end to a Motorsport 70MM TB, again installed by steeda back in 1999. I plan on purchasing the Accufac intake plenum next week but am also interested in replacing the stock pipe between the MAM and the TB. I also have a steeda strut tower brace which complicates the "clearance" equation. Does anyone know what pipe I can get to improve my inlet flow that will fit in my car? Steeda was no help in this matter.
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Well cold air intake only makes little bit of HP. i got a bbk CAI and i didnt really notice any hp gains :( best thing it did was make make car run smoother and exhaust sound louder :D

They should all fit in your car. steeda CAI is expensive for 5 HP :eek: