Is a 2" drop too much???


New Member
May 6, 2004
I am going to be droping my car in the next couple of weeks and want to order the parts this week. Only question is 2" to much if im thinking of getting headers..... Will the underside of the car be scraping on speedbumps with the 2"?
Tell me what you think.
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Even if you don't go with long tubes and lower 1.5" you'll still scrape on some speedbumps and obstacles. You will just have to learn new routes, or take your time over certain speedbumps (you'll learn which ones very quickly) and hope those behind you are patient and understanding.
AirWolf87 said:
I have 1.5" drop and i have scrapped the bottom of my tranny on speed bumps once or twice, i wouldnt go any lower than 1.5

Eibach Pro-Kit here. It's not quite 1-1/2 inches. I can't imagine going any more. I have to be very careful with speed bumps and inclines. Any lower and it would be a major pain, IMHO!
I just installed the sport lines on mine and havent' scrapped yet. but as eveyone else has said LT probably will b/c it is really close to the speed bumps I stopped on top of one and got out to check and clearance was minimal so I would say go with the pro kit.I measured my car from the ground the front clip is 6in exactly from the ground and the rear is close to 7"1/4
01svtbra said:
I've got the steedas,which are basically the same as pro kit and hes right. 2" is really too low

Guy I know has steeda on his 01, I've got ProKit on my 03... we were side by side not too long ago looking on the front and mine was definitely lower. I've heard different things about the ProKit, but mine dropped 1.5-1.75. I don't scrape a whole lot, but I take everything real slow.